• Traditional Definition:

    ADHD coaching is a collaborative partnership in which the coach supports their client by clarifying their goals, raising self-awareness, and developing strategies and tactics to achieve their identified goals.


    Neural Revolution's Spin on The Definition:

    WE are a team. Together through targeted communication both during and between coaching sessions, we will work to pinpoint the mental blocks that are impeding your progress and brainstorm ideas, strategies, and solutions to overcome them so you can rev up your productivity and smash your goals.

    Who I Coach (Adults 22+)

    The “You’re Too Smart” to Have ADHD Crew:

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Visionaries
    • Creatives
    • PhDs
    • Graduate Students
    • All purpose-driven individuals
  • Coaching Philosophy

    My Philosophy

    No two people with ADHD are the same; what works for one ADHDer may not work for another and vice versa. Therefore, I take an extremely individualized approach for each client. Integrating the latest psychological and neuroscience research in conjunction with ADHD experiential insights, I guide clients toward realizing and moving toward their life goals and visions. Central to my coaching philosophy is the emphasis on autonomy and agency, recognized as pivotal factors in cultivating motivation according to research (See Self-Determination Theory, Deci & Ryan, 1985). As your coach, my role is not prescriptive, instead, I offer unwavering support and walk with you, on your own unique journey. We are in this together and although I may be an expert on ADHD, you are the expert on YOU! Besides we all know, us ADHDers have the "Don't Tell Me What To Do Complex", so what is the point of me telling you what to do, when we all know we are rebels at heart?

  • What it Looks Like To Work Together

  • Scheduling

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    Investment: $175