Eliza Barach, MA - ADHD, Productivity Coach, & Cognitive Psychology Doctoral Candidate.

Growing up, I was a “straight A” student and a nationally ranked gymnast. In my academic and athletic pursuits, I learned that you have to make your day work for YOU. In life the molds do not change, therefore you either have to find the life mold that fits you best and work successfully within its parameters, or alternatively you can create your own mold.


This insight served me well when I received my ADHD diagnosis at seventeen. Having a label and learning about the diagnostic features helped me work with my brain, instead of against it. In turn this helped me graduate summa cum laude and pursue an MA in psychology, and a PhD in cognitive psychology.


Pursuing my PhD has afforded me didactic knowledge and applied research experience on a breadth of brain related concepts, such as decision making, use of language, and communication. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to teach courses in psychology at the State University of New York at Albany to bring these concepts to life for my students.

I made the decision to become a professional coach as a means to further operationalize my passion for understanding the human mind, and harnessing its power.

Education & Training

  • PhD Cognitive Psychology - Spring 2021

  • Certified Coach - 2021

  • MA Psychology - 2018

  • BA Psychology -  2016

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