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    Explore the ADHD-Burnout link, Gain evidence-based & personalized techniques to overcome & prevent burnout.


    Choose between the standalone course or the hybrid course with 6 weeks of drop in group coaching.

  • Standalone Course & Hybrid Course Launch Wednesday June 5th

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    With rolling enrollment, engage in six weeks of ADHD & Burnout content in various formats (video, audio, written material), interactive worksheets, and opportunities to track your OWN burnout recovery journey.


    Rather than passively consuming information, you'll actively engage with reflection-based worksheets and track your burnout recovery progress using our burnout inventory tool each week.


    Listen, we get ADHDers, so to help ensure meaningful progress, we provide text message/email reminders for completing your burnout inventory and working through each weekly module’s accompanying reflections.


    Additionally, you can tailor your experience by choosing between the standalone course or opting for added support with 6 weeks of 60 minute drop-in group coaching office hours on Tuesdays 10:30am EST with either Dr. Eliza Barach or Dr. Nate Page.

    Please note that text message reminders are available only for participants with United States cell phone numbers. 

  • Take A Peak To See What You'll Cover Each Week

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