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The Brain Blast Collective Presents:

When: Saturday, June 17th @ 10am-11:30am EST
Where: Zoom
Investment: $75
Register Here!

Join the Brain Blast Collective for our inaugural group coaching meeting, where we will dive deep into ADHD-friendly strategies for goal setting. 


Together we will explore the fascinating science and psychology behind goal setting challenges faced by individuals with ADHD as well as discover scientifically informed tactics that go beyond traditional SMART goals, which often do not resonate with us ADHDers.


This interactive and transformative session will guide participants through evidence-based practices and illuminate alternative pathways to success, while also providing a supportive platform for sharing experiences and engaging in collaborative brainstorming. 


Embark on a journey towards effective goal attainment with Neural Revolution's Brain Blast Collective. Don't miss out! Register here. Spots are limited (15 participants max) and are on a first come first serve basis.

Schedule of Future Events:

Session Topic
Date & Time (EST)
Goal Setting Strategies That Don't Suck
Sat. 6/17 @ 10am
What Even Is Time? Time Blindness & ADHD
Sat. 7/8 @ 10am
Sat. 8/19 @ 10am
Sat. 9/23 @ 10am
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