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    Introducing Neural Revolution's ADHD Group Coaching Program!

    A dedicated & intimate space to leverage and understand our unqiue brain chemistry to get sh!t done!


    Our Aim: Led by the dynamic duo of Dr. Eliza Barach and Dr. Nate Page, this group is all about fostering connection, community, and personal growth. We know the power of coming together with like-minded individuals who truly understand the challenges and strengths associated with ADHD. Together, we'll create a supportive network where we can learn from each other, share our experiences, and create a safe space for growth and development.


    When & What You Get: With 90 minute meetings held every other Wednesday via zoom starting on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at 10:15am EST (so extra early for any west coast early risers). This is one of the few, if not only ADHD group coaching programs that is led by two Coaches with Psychology PhDs and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Dr. Eliza, Dr. Nate, and all your fellow group members who truly understand the unique challenges and strengths associated with ADHD. You will also gain access to our private Facebook community where you can post your questions, successes, cat photos, and anything else to help you deepen your relationships with us and achieve your goals.


    Who Is A Good Fit: High performing adults (26+) with ADHD who want to understand and leverage their ADHD brain, as well as learn and develop new strategies, mindsets, and strengths to move toward their goals and life visions. Additionally, this group is for individuals who are seeking connection with other like minded ADHDers who truly understand the unique challenges and strengths associated with being a high performing professional with ADHD.


    Small & Intimate: Our intimate group of no more than 8 members ensures accessibility and fosters deep connections. Together, we will tackle the complexities of ADHD through open discussions, allowing you to gain insights into your OWN ADHD strengths and challenges and move toward a life of flourishing.  


    The Commitment & What To Expect: We understand that committing to personal growth is a journey, which is why we ask for a 3-month commitment (June, July, August), after which you can choose to continue for another 3 months or take a pause until the time is right for your return. When registering for the group we ask each group member to fill out an intake form that provides a little information about themselves as well as what they are hoping to gain from participating in the group. Similary, 24 hours prior to each session we ask each participant to fill out a session prep form (a quick 4 questions. We promise its a quick worksheet!) that essentially asks for an update on how things have been going in between sessions and also provides participants an opportunity to suggest topics of focus for the upcoming session. We want this group to be YOUR group and for it to focus on the things that YOU want to focus on! We heavily value and emphasize autonomy and choice and want to make sure every participant feels empowerd and agentic in their participation. With that being said we ask each participant to show up willing and ready to engage; this however does NOT mean you have to speak! Participation looks different for each individual and we greatly value diversity. Participate in the way that brings you the most meaning and value. That is all we ask :).


    The Investment: 

    Early Bird Pricing Until Monday 5/27

    A monthly investment of $200


    Regular Pricing

    A monthly investment of $250


    Learn More About Your Group Coaches:

    Dr. Eliza Barach

    With a PhD in cognitive psychology, Dr. Eliza Barach has devoted her career to understanding how the brain works, especially the ADHD brain. Shehas published peer-review research papers on decision making, attention, reading and psycholinguistics– all topics relevant to the ADHD experience. Eliza's expertise, passion and dedication to understanding and working with the ADHD brain, in conjuction with her own ADHD experience has afforded her the unique opportunity to help other high performing ADHDers maximize their unique brain chemistry to get sh!t done.


    Dr. Nate Page

    Nate Page has some fancy titles (PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Certified Group Psychotherapist), but most of his education on neurodiversity has come through his own journey being diagnosed with ADHD at age 38. He has benefited from professionals (like Dr. Eliza) and peers who have helped him recontextualize his history (with things like perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and social anxiety) under the umbrella of ADHD and rejection sensitive dysphoria. His clinical practice has always centered on group therapy, and in recent years he has found great enjoyment in providing psychological testing for adults wanting to understand their neurodiversity and if they meet diagnostic criteria for ADHD, autism, or specific learning differences.


    You can learn more about Nate through websites: grouptherapycentral.com or northfielddynamictherapy.com