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  • Eliza Barach, PhD

    Cognitive Psychologist | ADHD Coach

    ADHD Consultant | Scientist | Speaker

    Dr. Eliza Barach is a cognitive psychologist ADHD coach, consultant and speaker. With a PhD in cognitive psychology, she has devoted her career to understanding how the brain works, especially the ADHD brain.


    Dr. Eliza has published peer-review research papers on decision making, attention, reading and psycholinguistics– all topics relevant to the ADHD experience. She has also taught college level psychology courses, passing on this knowledge to the next generation of thinkers.


    Through her consulting and speaking services, she has worked with psychologists, therapists and coaches to deepen their understanding of ADHD and implement strategies to better serve their ADHD clientele. Additionally, she has served as a consultant for businesses creating ADHD informed products.


    Eliza's expertise, passion and dedication to understanding and working with the ADHD brain, in conjuction with her own ADHD experience has afforded her the unique opportunity to help other high performing ADHDers maximize their unique brain chemistry to get sh!t done.



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    1:1 ADHD Coaching

    Through my 1:1 coaching model, I help high performing professionals with ADHD maximize their unique brain chemistry to get sh!t done. As an ADHDer our brains are wired differently, so I help ADHDers understand and leverage their OWN ADHD to smash their goals. Using science and intuition, I help ADHDers work smarter, not harder. Book your discovery consultation to get started!


    Book Your Discovery Consultation To Learn More or An Intake Session To Get Started!


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    ADHD Group Coaching For High Performers

    Adapting Dr. Eliza’s 1:1 ADHD coaching into a dynamic group format, we meet bi-weekly for 3 months and delve into understanding and leveraging our unique brain chemistry to enhance productivity and align with personal goals. This program fosters connection and community while allowing group members to shape session topics based on their priorities. Develop your own meaningful metric to track throughout the program and explore tools and strategies that align with YOUR needs and priorities.


    Register For The Next Round Starting November 5th or 6th


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    ADHD Professionals Community

    A space for dedicated professionals fueled by a passion for supporting individuals with ADHD and an insatiable thirst for knowledge! This community is an intimate hub for idea sharing, learning new strategies, and diving into ADHD, coaching, and therapy research. Register for the next round of community meetings starting May 9th! Spots Fill up fast!

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    Consulting & Speaking

    Empowering through knowledge, my consulting and speaking services offer insight into the intricacies of the ADHD brain. I collaborate with practitioners and businesses, facilitating a comprehensive understanding and fostering ADHD-friendly modifications to therapeutic and coaching interventions. Additionally, I provide guidance for businesses developing products and apps tailored to the ADHD community, ensuring accessibility and impactful support for ADHDers.


    To inquire about consulting & speaking, fill out the form here.

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    Research & Collaboration

    Leveraging my training in cognitive psychology and experimental design, I’m dedicated to understanding ADHD cognition. Specifically, I am interested in understanding ADHD strengths and the cognitive and neurological mechanisms that may afford such strengths. Current projects examine ADHD strengths broadly and creative propensity. Actively seeking collaborations with fellow researchers to advance our insights and interventions in this domain.


    To inquire about future research collaborations, email neural.rev@gmail.com

  • Eliza is the real deal, a game changer. That's because our ongoing weekly Zoom Meetings are safe havens, alive with her encouraging authenticity, knowledge, empathy, and work ethic. I'm always glad to see her, because I always learn something that helps me evolve into the productive person I've always dreamt of becoming. And there's plenty of work involved, which is fine by me, because the many tools Eliza offers aren't cookie cutter and actually help. In fact, I consistently use what has become an expanding toolbox to understand, in a deeply personal and then proactive way, the ADHD that's been confounding me for my entire life. 


    ~M.G., Artist

    Coaching Client

    Before working with Eliza, I suffered from severe imposter syndrome; I was working 60+ hours per week, was chained to my laptop, and let clients set boundaries for me, and I was not charging anywhere near enough. Eliza is firm, understanding, supportive and highly in tune with how to leverage the way the ADHD brain works. We have spent the last six months setting goals and overcoming issues. Since then, I have completely turned my business around. I have fired clients who didn’t serve me and had the confidence to walk away from lucrative contracts because I know they weren’t right. I have over £50k of confirmed new business in my pipeline, I have been able to forgive myself for many things that are simply beyond my control. I cannot recommend Eliza highly enough. If you are a female entrepreneur trying to overcome the chaos of managing a Neurotypical brain with a drive to succeed in business, then speak to Eliza.


    ~ M.V., Entrepreneur

    Coaching Client

    She’s amazing to work with! I’ve had so much progress in the last 7 months, it’s miraculous. I like how she blends together practical help, cognitive science and life coaching all in a conversational style. She’s always positive and really helps me find ways to work with my brain instead of constantly fighting it. She’s also a safe person for LGBTQ+ folk. 10/10, would recommend to any ADHDer


    ~D.F., Chemist

    Coaching Client