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You are in the driver's seat and together we will work with your unique brain chemistry to bring out the best you. Neuroscience has revealed great insights into how the brain works and brain-based coaching draws from this wealth of research to create positive and powerful changes within you. Using cutting-edge and scientifically-backed methods, we will work together to unite your head and your heart to take advantage of your brain's ability to change (neuroplasticity). As a result we will rewire your brain to make those desired changes into your new reality.

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Coaching for High-performing Adults with ADHD

As a fellow high-performing ADHD-er, I understand the challenges that you may face. Our perfectionism drives us to rely on obsessive behaviors that guarantee organization and structure. This physically and emotionally exhausts us and hampers our productivity. Through coaching we identify how and where your ADHD symptoms manifest in your life. Using scientifically-backed methods we will harness your unique brain chemistry and strengths to develop systems and strategies that facilitate your goal achievement.


Coaching for Executives, High-performing Employees & Entrepreneurs

Executives, high-potential employees and entrepreneurs know time is money. There are only 24 hours in a day, and yet there is so much to accomplish. Together we will develop systems and strategies tailored to the way you think, enabling you to reach your goals most efficiently. Whether you are seeking career advancement, optimizing professional performance, or mastery of work-home life balance, productivity coaching is an intelligent choice.

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Eliza Barach, MA - ADHD, Productivity Coach, & Cognitive Psychology Doctoral Candidate.

As a scientist and a professional coach, I am trained to combine targeted and effective communication approaches with expert and cutting edge knowledge of the human brain.


I am proud to say I am also a fellow ADHD-er, and my unique brain chemistry allows me to “step outside of the box” and craft novel ideas, systems, and solutions. 


As your coach, this broad range of personal and professional expertise will provide you the support you need in order to identify and powerfully leverage your own strengths, and to have success developing and achieving a vision for your ideal life. 


I started Neural Revolution to help bridge the gap between brain research and the human experience.


My inherent curiosity helped me excel as a researcher, but deep down I knew I was still not totally fulfilled.


Utilizing coaching strategies and interventions to examine my OWN life, I concluded that I didn’t just want to discover knowledge about the brain in general, I wanted to be able to directly apply the knowledge by working with brains like yours. 


...and with that realization, Neural Revolution was born. ​

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down”

Kurt Vonnegut


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