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Meet Your Coach

Eliza Barach, Ph.D.

Dr. Eliza Barach is a cognitive psychologist and ADHD coach. She received her M.A. in Psychology in 2018 and her PhD in 2021 from the State University of New York at Albany. Additionally, she received her coaching certificate in 2021 from the ICF accredited, Coaches Training Alliance.


As a cognitive psychologist, Eliza is an expert on internal mental processes. This a fancy way of saying that she knows a lot about the stuff that goes on in the brain when it comes to things like perception, thinking, memory, attention, language, problem-solving, and learning - all things relevant to the ADHD experience.


She is a fellow ADHDer with a passion for understanding and working with the ADHD brain which led her to start her ADHD coaching practice, Neural Revolution in the final year of her PhD.


Her expertise in cognitive psychology, experience teaching at the college level and own ADHD experience has afforded her the unique opportunity to help other high performing ADHDers maximize their own brain chemistry to get sh!t done.

ADHD Coaching

Through my 1:1 coaching model, I help high performing professionals with ADHD maximize their unique brain chemistry to get sh!t done. As an ADHDer our brains are wired differently, so I help ADHDers understand and leverage their OWN ADHD to smash their goals. Using science and intuition, I help ADHDers work smarter, not harder.

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What People Say

Eliza is the real deal, a game changer. That's because our ongoing weekly Zoom Meetings are safe havens, alive with her encouraging authenticity, knowledge, empathy, and work ethic. I'm always glad to see her, because I always learn something that helps me evolve into the productive person I've always dreamt of becoming. And there's plenty of work involved, which is fine by me, because the many tools Eliza offers aren't cookie cutter and actually help. In fact, I consistently use what has become an expanding toolbox to understand, in a deeply personal and then proactive way, the ADHD that's been confounding me for my entire life.
~M.G., Artist

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