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What is ADHD Coaching?

Traditional Definition of ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is a collaborative  partnership in which the coach supports their client by clarifying their goals, raising self-awareness, and developing strategies and tactics to achieve their identified goals.

Neural Revolution's Spin on the Traditional Definition

WE are a team. Together through targeted communication both during and between coaching sessions, we will work to pinpoint the mental blocks that are impeding your progress and brainstorm ideas, strategies, and solutions to overcome them so you can rev up your productivity and smash your goals.

Who I Coach

The “You’re Too Smart” to Have ADHD Crew:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Visionaries

  • Creatives

  • PhDs

  • Graduate Students

  • All purpose-driven individuals

How I Do it and Outcomes You Can Expect:

Armed with a doctoral degree in cognitive psychology and neuroscience compounded by my own life experience as a high performing ADHDer and former elite athlete (former division 1 college gymnast), I take a “brain-based” approach to coaching. 


Using science and focused communication strategies, my coaching practice helps other high performing ADHDers:

  • Improve structure and organization

  • Clarify next career/business steps

  • Combat decision paralysis

  • Understand and leverage their own ADHD and unique strengths

  • Manage and optimize bouts of hyperfocus

  • Reduce stress

  • Replace rigid and limiting belief systems with a “growth mindset”

  • Promote neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change)

  • Enhance work-life balance

Interested In Working Together? Book your FREE 15 minute discovery session now!

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