Coaching for High-performing Adults with ADHD

As a fellow high-performing ADHD-er, I understand the challenges that you may face. Our perfectionism drives us to rely on obsessive behaviors that guarantee organization and structure. This physically and emotionally exhausts us and hampers our productivity. Through coaching we identify how and where your ADHD symptoms manifest in your life. Using scientifically-backed methods we will harness your unique brain chemistry and strengths to develop systems and strategies that facilitate your goal achievement.

My background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience in conjunction with my own experience of ADHD, allows me to take a brain-based approach to coaching. Understanding the ADHD brain is crucial for optimizing your performance. Imagine trying to drive a car without knowing how to operate it? Well that is what it is like when we don’t understand our unique brain chemistry. We have to find creative ways to engage our brains in the tasks in our lives. Through ADHD coaching, I will help you: 

  • Understand your ADHD

  • Work with your brain

  • Identify your greatest strengths

  • Increase your bouts of hyperfocus

  • Reduce stress

  • Minimize distractions

  • Improve time management

  • Increase organization

  • Improve decision making

  • Develop and reach your goals

See if ADHD coaching is a good fit for you. Book your free 30 minute discovery session now!


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