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  • Speaking Services

    Dr. Eliza Barach has had the privilege of delivering a range of talks and workshops tailored to various audiences, including mental health organizations, therapy practices, and conferences. Her talks span from 1-hour sessions to full-day workshops, all designed to provide practical insights and skills for supporting individuals with ADHD. Some talks have half-day (3-hour) versions, and others offer full-day options.

    Examples of Talks and Workshops:

    • The Science Behind Attention & Creativity in ADHDers
    • What is ADHD Hyperfocus and How Can We Leverage It?
    • Why ADHDers are More Prone to Burnout and What We Can Do About It
    • A Strengths-Based Model for Working With ADHDers
    • A Deep Dive Into ADHD: Acknowledging Challenges While Bolstering Strengths
    • An ADHD Lens For Therapy
    • Rethinking Goal-Setting Strategies for ADHDers: Taking A Brain-Based Approach
    • Cultivating Buy-In Motivation & ADHD
    • ADHD Neuroscience: Why You Should Care About It & How To Leverage It

    Consulting Services

    Dr. Eliza Barach provides consulting services to therapists, coaches, and organizations seeking to enhance their understanding and support for individuals with ADHD. Whether it's educating professionals on ADHD or serving as a consultant for developing ADHD-friendly products, she offers valuable insights and expertise to drive positive change.


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